Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry Scan (DEXA or DXA Scan) is an advanced, highly accurate imaging technique for measuring total body composition.

DEXA Scans use X-ray beams at two different energy levels, because your muscles, fat, and bone all absorb X-Ray beams differently. This allows for a detailed and accurate image of your whole body and the breakdown of its compositions. 

DEXA scans are the gold standard of body composition measurement because it is the safest, most accurate and most cost effective method.

Not only can it measure body composition to the highest degree, it can specify body fat percentages to each area of the body. During dieting and exercise this can be used to track progress and help achieve your desired goals. 

DEXA scans also measure bone density and muscle mass, which can help track muscle atrophy during recovery periods from injuries.

DEXA body composition scan


  • During a DEXA Scan you will be asked to lie on your back on a soft table.
  • You are asked to lay still as an X-Ray arm passes over your body, or the specific area of interest.
  • Detectors in the DEXA scanner measure the density of each component of your body, and a comprehensive report is created.

In general, a DEXA Scan can take anywhere from six to twelve minutes depending on body habitus.

A detailed report is then created outlining the patient’s body composition.

Accurate Imaging Diagnostics offers consultations with highly qualified professionals regarding your report, so you can gain a thorough understanding of your results at no extra cost.

A DEXA Scan is completely painless and the exposure to radiation is very low – lower than the background radiation you receive day-to-day. 


1 scan Pre-Pay for 2 scans Pre-Pay for 3 scans

$125                          $225                          $300

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  • Nurse Practitioner

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Please be advised, the machine has upper limit of 350 lbs/ 158 kg, no exceptions can be made.

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Other Body Composition Options:

Skin calipers

Most cost effective and accessible. Skin calipers can only measure visible body fat under the skin.

There is a high likelihood of human error that can occur. It is very difficult to obtain accurate results for persons who are either very lean or obese. Limited to aesthetic purposes, as skin calipers cannot measure visceral fat (fat around the organs).

Bioelectrical impedance analysis

Extensive variables make this quite unreliable. Can over or under estimate body fat percentage and body composition. Over or under hydration can exponentially reduce accuracy.

Body fat percentages are measured by sending electrical impulses throughout the body. 

Hydrostatic weighing

This is a very accurate method of measuring body composition, but is very expensive and has a lengthy process. Patients are weighed under water using heavy machinery. This process, although very accurate, is widely unavailable to the masses.

Air-displacement plethysmography (BOD/POD)

Similar to hydrostatic weighing. Very accurate but requires heavy machinery and is very expensive. Can only be found in medical facilities associated with universities and research.

CT Scans

High doses of radiation. Not very accurate at measuring body composition.

While there are several ways to obtain a body composition report, DEXA is the fastest, most affordable, and most accurate way to obtain a breakdown of your full body composition. 

Click here for a Sample of a Dexa Body Composition Report




There is no extensive preparation required for a DEXA Scan. 

We recommend wearing comfortable, loose-fitting clothing to your exam.

Please avoid any clothing with metal detailing, such as buttons, clasps, zippers, underwire bras, and belt buckles. Remove any piercings prior to your appointment as they may interfere with obtaining an accurate image.

*Do not take any calcium or iron supplements on the day of the exam. Your appointment should not be booked within one week of having a contrast or radioactive exam or within two weeks of having an X-ray exam that involves contrast agents or a nuclear medicine exam.

Although exposure to radiation is minimal, pregnant women should take precaution and avoid the procedure.


  • DEXA can help you closely follow your health risks. Body weight or BMI (Body Mass Index) alone cannot be the sole defining factor to measure risks of diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease, anorexia or other diseases. Knowing and understanding the fat to muscle mass ratio is more helpful in monitoring your health.
  • Athletes who are looking to achieve a target muscle to fat ratio, or are interested in seeing and documenting the results of their training regimen will greatly benefit from a DEXA Scan. 
  • Personal trainers and their clients benefit from the information a DEXA Scan provides.Progress can be seen quantitatively, without having to solely rely on the scale or superficial means. DEXA Scans provide helpful feedback on implemented diet and exercise plans. Knowing a client’s Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is an important factor when customizing nutrition and exercise programs. DEXA can assess RMR.
  • Bodybuilders target specific muscles and areas when training. DEXA Scans provide accurate and thorough information on each body region and the distribution of fat, muscle and bone. It will give you a complete visualization so you can understand the impact of your training, and assess areas that need further attention.
  • DEXA scan can also be useful for those recovering from an injury, or to assess muscle atrophy. It can play a big role in rehabilitation and in tracking the progression of a disease.
DEXA or DXA Scan image