Mobile Ultrasound Business Development

In addition to our stationary Diagnostic Imaging Clinic, Accurate Imaging Diagnostics has the licensure to provide a mobile ultrasound to clinics across Ontario.

We may provide mobile ultrasound services to Hospitals, mental health and correctional facilities, long-term care facilities, and clinics deemed remote or underserviced.

Types of ultrasound services we offer

The types of ultrasound services we offer are analogous to our stationary ultrasound clinic and include; general (abdominal, pelvis, transrectal, obstetrical, small parts, breast, musculoskeletal, and ultrasound-guided aspiration) with the addition of vascular ultrasound in our mobile clinic. 

As a mobile ultrasound service that has been operating for over 5 years, AID is continually evolving to ensure the best healthcare for our patients.

Our mobile license allows us to offer temporary or full-time ultrasound services to an existing healthcare facility.

How we meet the needs of a given community

We set up a temporary ultrasound clinic in an existing facility to meet the needs of a given community. We operate anywhere from 1 day a week to 4 times a week. This frequency all depends on the needs of both patients and physicians in any given area. 

We aim to provide on-site expert care as well as simplify access to diagnostic imaging.

Many areas across Ontario require patients to travel long distances to receive an ultrasound.

The barriers to diagnostic imaging often allow underlying illnesses and conditions to go untreated.

We maintain good communication with the Ministry of Health to identify areas that are considered remote and underserviced. 

Our team of expert radiologists and sonographers is here to assist you

Our team of expert radiologists and sonographers ensure quality patient care and prompt interpretation of results.

All of our sonographer are highly trained and proficient a using the Alphinion E-CUBE i7 mobile ultrasound machine.

Our team uses an online system called Velox, which allows for prompt and secure patient record tracking. Physicians and staff may be provided personalized access to this system to receive results immediately.

Our team of radiologists ensure electronic submission of diagnostic interpretation of results usually within 24-48 (business day) hours. For emergency cases, our Radiologists may provide same-day results. 


Mobile Ultrasound Business Development

We are currently in the process of acquiring the licensure to provide mobile diagnostic x-ray services. This initiative is underway.

A partnership between a licensed mobile ultrasound clinic and a medical center will benefit both physicians and patients.

We are constantly searching for new opportunities to place our services.

With our mobile ultrasound initiative, we have developed solutions to provide immediate healthcare to Ontarians.

If you are the manager of a healthcare facility or are interested in offering a mobile ultrasound to your patients, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the prospect of developing a partnership with AID.